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Hi, thanks for visiting! In our store, you will find great records from your favourite composers. All our records are in mint condition and original packaging. We send the orders from our warehouse in Valencia, Spain. We work directly with record labels and distributors, so you can be assured that all our products are licensed and offered at minimal retail prices.

We are fascinated by the movie soundtrack genre in music. We feel like film scores are the most magical, inspiring, and beautiful pieces of music written by the most talented composers in the modern world. They have to deal with limited budgets, heartless editing, tight schedule, time tracks, and naughty directors but make their music emotional, relevant, or even genius. Many directors pair up with a composer to come up with the music for the film first, and then the director makes the film based on the music. Most famous film duos (composer and director):

Vinyl records as a format almost disappeared during the heyday of CDs. In the era of streaming services and accessibility of any music in two clicks, it seemed that vinyl records will never turn back. But we see that it’s not the case: label interest in releasing records on physical media has grown for the last decade. People need to capture their individuality on a physical level: own the record, hold it in our hands, relive emotions associated with it. That’s why the record collecting will not disappear.

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