Cobra Kai – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – 3XLP

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Mondo and Madison Gate are proud to present the premiere vinyl release of Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson’s incredible score to the Netflix streaming phenomenon COBRA KAI. This 3-disc vinyl set features music from the first 3 seasons of the hit series, curated by the composers into themed collections.

This exclusive retail version comes pressed on red, white, and blue marble discs. Also featuring all new artwork from the incredible Matt Ryan Tobin and liner notes from composers Leo Birenberg, Zach Robinson, star Ralph Macchio, and showrunners Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg.

Music from the first 3 seasons of the series curated into three collections of music:

Disc 1: COBRA KAI – a curated mix of music scoring the most badass dojo in the Vallely

Disc 2: MIYAGI-DO – curated selections from the music scoring Laruso Family, and its ties to the Miyagi legacy.

Disc 3: FINAL FIGHTS – the music from all three of the explosive season finale episodes.

All of the music has been hand selected, and in many cases expanded from their original form for the most definitive Cobra Kai listening experience available.


Cobra Kai
A1 Quiver (Extended)
A2 Ace Degenerate
A3 Strike First
A4 Cobra Guy (Extended)
A5 Slither
A6 The Internet
A7 You’re The Champ
A8 Johnny’s Story
A9 King Cobra
A10 Web MD
A11 A Badass Name For A Dojo (Extended)
B1 Awake The Snake
B2 Worthy Opponent
B3 Furious Hawk/Dark Hawk
B4 The All-Valley Tournament
B5 Snake In The Grass
B6 Stone Vs. Diaz
B7 The Cobra Effect
B8 Snap
B9 I’m A Sensei
B10 It Belongs To Me
C1 Miyagi-Do Fix-Up
C2 Miyagi Memories
C3 The Wheel Technique
C4 Like A Dance
C5 Miyagi-Do
C6 Balance
C7 Kan-Geiko
C8 Mall Fight
C9 The Wrong Path
C10 Medal Of Honor
C11 Into The Snake Pit
C12 Miyagi’s Tomb
D1 Miyagi Metal
D2 Return To Okinawa
D3 Live Or Die, Man
D4 Crane Technique
D5 Secrets Of Miyagi-Do
D6 Two-Time Champion
D7 Chop Shop
D8 The Right Path
D9 Sam And Robby (Extended)
Final Fights
E1 Final Match
E2 The Cobra And The Mongoose
E3 Time Out
E4 No Mercy
E5 The New Champion
E6 I’m Coming For You, Bitch
E7 Hallway Hellscape
E8 Scale The School
E9 Hawk’s Prey
E10 Rematch
E11 Fallen Soldier
F1 Carol Of The Cobras
F2 Dojo From Hell
F3 Must Not Lose To Fear
F4 The Call Of The Cobra
F5 Duel Of The Snakes (Mega-Edit)
F6 Challenger
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  • Pressed on 180 Gram Red, White, & Blue Marble Vinyl
  • Artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin
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