Edge of Tomorrow – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – LP

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Composer: Christophe Beck Label: Mondo Music Catalog number: MOND-082 Origin: USA Released: 2017
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Mondo is proud to present the score to Edge Of Tomorrow, available for the first time ever on vinyl. the sleeper hit of the summer of 2014, Edge Of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat. in some circles) was one of the most kinetic, and darkly funny action films to his cinemas in years.

The music of EOT is pulsating, and bombastic. Composer Christophe Beck cleverly takes a futuristic approach to the expected soundtrack of a War film, incorporating electronic distortion and sonic bursts, Beck highlights the out-of-this-world nature of the invasion in Europe, while also grounding the more human elements of the recurring boot camp sequences.


A1 Angel Of Verdun (Main Titles) 2:56
A2 No Courage Without Fear 3:00
A3 D-Day 2:36
A4 Mimics And Alphas 1:26
A5 PT 1:16
A6 Find Me When You Wake Up 2:06
A7 Navigating The Beach 2:02
A8 Winning The War 1:28
A9 Combat Training 1:17
A10 Deadweight 1:32
A11 Again! 1:48
A12 Solo Flight 3:11
B13 Decoy 1:23
B14 Whitehall 2:09
B15 Uncharted Territory 1:40
B16 I’m Out 1:54
B17 They Know We’re Coming 2:07
B18 Caged In 2:04
B19 Ritaliation 1:40
B20 The Omega 1:23
B21 Welcome To London, Major 2:23
B22 Live, Die, Repeat (End Titles) 4:23
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  • Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl
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