Kiki’s Delivery Service – Original Soundtrack – LP

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With new mastering and new jacket artwork. Enjoy the beauty of the artwork with the rich sound of a vinyl record.

Score by Joe Hisaishi, Including 21 tracks.

Includes the songs “Rouge no Dengon” and “Wrapped in Kindness” with vocals by Yumi Arai “Rouge no Dengon” is the movie version.

Soundtrack music collection including all the scores used in the movie.


A1 晴れた日に⋯ (On a Clear Day)
A2 旅立ち (Departure)
A3 海の見える街 (A Town with an Ocean View)
A4 空とぶ宅急便 (Flying Delivery Service)
A5 パン屋の手伝い (The Baker’s Assistant)
A6 仕事はじめ (Starting the Job)
A7 身代りジジ (Surrogate Jiji)
A8 ジェフ (Jeff)
A9 大忙しのキキ (A Very Busy Kiki)
A10 パーティに間に合わない (Late for the Party)
B1 オソノさんのたのみ事⋯ (Osono’s Request)
B2 プロペラ自転車 (A Propeller Driven Bicycle)
B3 とべない! (I Can’t Fly!)
B4 傷心のキキ (Heartbroken Kiki)
B5 ウルスラの小屋へ (To Ursula’s Cabin)
B6 神秘なる絵 (Un Unusual Painting)
B7 暴飛行の自由の冒険号 (The Adventure of Freedom, Out of Control)
B8 おじいさんのデッキブラシ (The Old Man’s Push Broom)
B9 デッキブラシでランデブー (Rendezvous on the Push Broom)
B10 ルージュの伝言 (Rouge no Dengon)
B11 やさしさに包まれたなら (Wrapped in Kindness)
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  • Black vinyl pressing
  • Limited edition
  • Newly remastered sound
  • Custom etching on side D
  • Housed in full color gatefold sleeve with Japanese Obi Strip + liner notes
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