King Kong Tai Godzilla (1962) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – LP

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Composer: Akira Ifukube Label: King Records Catalog number: KIJS-90016 Origin: Japan Released: 2014
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In celebration of Akira Ifukube’s 100th birthday and Godzilla’s 60th birthday!
The original soundtrack to the third King Kong vs Godzilla film is now available as an analogue vinyl record for the first time! Recorded on 25 July 1962 at Toho Studios.

“King Kong vs Godzilla” was the second most popular Japanese film of all time at the time, and its music is also very popular among Godzilla fans.
For the first time in the 60-year history of Godzilla, all of Akira Ifukube’s music is included on one LP. This is a collector’s item for all Godzilla fans and Ifukube fans.

This analogue LP project is the perfect opportunity to reproduce the superb music composed by Akira Ifukube on LP, a sound as close as possible to the master tape, with a vintage and beautiful jacket.


A1 メインタイトル 2:04
A2 世界驚異シリーズ 0:09
A3 光る氷山 0:55
A4 シーホーク号の危機 0:33
A5 シーホーク号SOS 1:58
A6 ファロ島 0:44
A7 原住民 0:56
A8 雷と魔神 1:37
A9 ふみ子の不安 0:33
A10 ゴジラ復活す 1:41
A11 魔神の叫び 0:21
A12 雷鳴への祈り 1:37
A13 南海の悪魔/戦いの太鼓 3:18
A14 大ダコ対キングコング 1:35
A15 眠れる魔神 3:13
A16 ゴジラの恐怖 3:30
A17 不死身のキングコング 0:24
A18 埋没作戦準備 0:35
B1 キングコング対ゴジラI 2:42
B2 100万V作戦準備 0:23
B3 埋没作戦 0:53
B4 埋没作戦不成功 0:12
B5 100万V作戦I 0:59
B6 100万V作戦II 2:14
B7 コング東京に現る 2:05
B8 ふみ子救出作戦I 2:03
B9 ふみ子救出作戦II 0:35
B10 キングコング輸送作戦 2:13
B11 キングコング富士へ 2:07
B12 富士の対決 4:01
B13 キングコング復活 1:42
B14 キングコング対ゴジラII 1:59
B15 エンディング 0:18
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  • Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl
  • First pressing limited edition
  • First LP release
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