My Neighbor Totoro – Original Soundtrack – LP

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Soundtrack in which you can feel warmth and enjoy Joe Hisaishi’s music to your heart’s content. Includes “Sanpo” and “My Neighbor Totoro.”


A1 さんぽ -オープニング主題歌 (Sanpo – Opening Theme Song (Inoue Azumi)) 2:43
A2 五月の村 (May Of The Village) 1:35
A3 オバケやしき! (Okake!) 1:22
A4 メイとすすわたり (Suddenly With May) 1:39
A5 夕暮れの風 (Wind Of The Evening) 1:01
A6 こわくない (Not Scared) 0:44
A7 おみまいにいこう (Let’s Go Ahead) 1:21
A8 おかあさん (Mom) 1:05
A9 小さなオバケ (Small Obake) 3:51
A10 トトロ (Totoro) 3:07
A11 塚森の大樹 (Taka Mori’s Big Tree) 2:14
A12 まいご (Welcome) 3:49
B1 風のとおり道 (インストゥルメンタル) (Wind Street) 3:18
B2 ずぶぬれオバケ (Soaked Okeba) 2:33
B3 月夜の飛行 (Flight Of The Moonlit) 2:04
B4 メイがいない (There is no May) 2:27
B5 ねこバス (Cat Bus) 2:11
B6 よかったね (Good For You) 1:14
B7 となりのトトロ -エンディング主題歌 (My Neighbor Totoro – Ending Theme Song (Inoue Azumi)) 4:17
B8 さんぽ (合唱つき) (Sanpo (with chorus / Azumi Inoue / Suginami Children’s Choir)) 2:43
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  • Japanese import reissue, originally released in 1988
  • Includes fold out illustration insert
  • Limited edition with Japanese Obi Strip
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