Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind: Image Album – LP

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A collection of works which are considered the origin of film music in Nausicaa, created even before the film’s production and based on the image in the original comics. Jacket image is a “Torumakian Soldier” illustrated by director Hayao Miyazaki for appendix poster for Animage.


A1 風の伝説 (Wind Legend) 3:09
A2 はるかな地へ…(ナウシカのテーマ)(To the Far Place (Nausicaa’s theme )) 3:53
A3 メーヴェ (Meve) 4:05
A4 巨神兵~トルメキア軍~クシャナ殿下 (Majin Soldier/ Torumecian Army/ His Highness) 5:31
A5 腐海 (Corroded Sea) 4:48
B1 王蟲 (Royal Mortal) 4:18
B2 土鬼軍の逆襲 (Return of the Demon Army) 3:38
B3 戦闘 (Combat) 3:46
B4 谷への道 (The Way to the Valley) 2:41
B5 遠い日々(ナウシカのテーマ)(Distant Days (Nausicaa’s Theme)) 4:16
B6 鳥の人(ナウシカのテーマ)(Bird People (Nausicaa’s theme)) 1:55
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  • Japanese import reissue, originally released in 1983
  • Includes 4 pages of illustrations
  • Limited edition with Japanese Obi Strip
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