The Boys – Music From The Amazon Original Series – 2XLP

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Composer: Christopher Lennertz Label: Mondo Music Catalog number: MOND-186 Origin: USA Released: 2019
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Mondo, and Madison Gate records are proud to present Christopher Lennertz score to the Amazon Original Series: THE BOYS.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, THE BOYS tackles our modern obsession with superheroes in media with a biting satire of modern politics and the abuse of power from a fictional League of heroes who may need to be taken down a peg. Christopher Lennertz (Agent Carter, Lost In Space) has composed a blistering, propulsive score for the darkly comedic series that adeptly parodies the musical landscape of propaganda, all while being a terrific soundtrack to the ensuing action drama that unfolds when the “Supes” collide with the titular anti-heroes tasked with being their checks and balances.


A1 Translucent Alive 1:16
A2 Truck Robbery 1:34
A3 Butcher 2:39
A4 Starlight 1:17
A5 On The Trail 0:55
A6 Homelander And Stillwell 2:16
A7 Race Of The Century 1:04
A8 Boys Arrive 1:19
A9 Hughie Stalls Starlight 1:23
A10 Maeve Spars 0:37
A11 Start The Race 2:00
A12 Popclaw Climaxes 0:56
A13 Hijacking 2:45
A14 Kidnapping Translucent 1:10
B1 Ass Bomb 2:42
B2 Translucent Explodes 4:06
B3 Hughie Trashes Room 1:29
B4 Translucent Visits Hughie 1:13
B5 Planting Bug Plan 0:51
B6 Dock Patrol 1:50
B7 I’m The Hero 3:15
B8 Vought 1:14
B9 Starlight Teams Up 0:43
B10 Frenchie’s First Kill 1:35
B11 Homelander’s Speech 1:42
C1 Butchers’s Pep Talk 2:27
C2 Rescue The Female 1:35
C3 Frenchie Lost Female 1:46
C4 Dead Shooter 0:57
C5 Hospital Shootout 1:12
C6 Graveside Sledgehammer 2:23
C7 Maeve’s Girlfriend 1:57
C8 Nicu 0:51
C9 Tent Confrontation 1:22
C10 Starlight’s Speech 2:13
C11 Come In 1:50
C12 Black Knight Not 1:07
C13 Kimiko’s Backstory 1:20
D1 Subway Chase 1:01
D2 Mesmer And Homelander 1:36
D3 The Mesmerizer 0:30
D4 Butcher Tells Hughie 1:53
D5 Hughie Kisses Starlight 1:03
D6 Robin’s Memory 2:02
D7 SBS 2:09
D8 Always A Choice 2:38
D9 Supe Terrorist 1:36
D10 A-Train Shows Up 1:34
D11 Shoot Out 2:49
D12 I Got Teddy 2:40
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  • Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with artwork by Jack Hughes
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