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Waxwork Records proudly presents the Original HBO Series Soundtrack to Vice Principals Seasons 1 & 2. Created by and starring Danny McBride and co-starring Walton Goggins, Vice Principals is a two series black comedy that focuses on an ill-tempered and disliked Vice Principal (McBride) and his ambitions to be promoted to the principal’s chair. When neither he or the co-vice principal (Goggins) are promoted, they co-conspire to overthrow and destroy the reputation of the newly appointed principal, Dr. Belinda Brown. A series of arson, blackmail, revenge, and even attempted murder ensues in the hilarious and often shocking series.

Waxwork worked directly with Danny McBride, composer Joseph Stephens, and Vice Principals music supervisor, DeVoe Yates, to create and release a deluxe vinyl release featuring the complete series soundtrack. The 80’s influenced synth-driven electronic soundtrack is both dark and droning. It’s melodic fun, yet moody. It’s classic John Carpenter scored to the best John Hughes movie. To surmise, it’s 100% awesome.

Features include the complete series music by composer Joseph Stephens, 180 gram North Jackson Warriors Blue and White colored vinyl (Season 1) and 180 Gram North Jackson Tigers Orange and White colored vinyl (Season 2), artwork by Robert Sammelin, exclusive liner notes by Danny McBride, exclusive liner notes by Joseph Stephens, a King Ding-A-Ling insert, a printed insert of the album cover art, and a temporary tattoo of Dr. Belinda Brown’s tattoo featuring Gamby and Russell holding hands and eating sh*t.


A1 Vice Principles Main Titles
A2 Gamby Theme
A3 Epic Theme
A4 Enemy’s Enemy
A5 Conspire
A6 Time To Dig
A7 Burning Curtains
A8 Voicemail
A9 Blythe Report
A11 Sneak Theme
A12 Empty School
A13 Ram Masks
A14 Payday Drinks
A15 Road To Percival
A16 Bleachers
A17 This Pencil Broke
B1 Goner
B2 Morning After
B3 Dark Supper
B4 Popcorn
B5 Re-Engaged
B6 Gamby Wurlitzer
B7 Master His Talents
B8 Belinda Finds Dascious
B9 Drum Chase
B10 Doing It On The Bus
B11 Walk Like A Bitch
B12 Gin Tattoo
B13 Creepin
B14 Flashing Lights
B15 End Of The Line
B16 Dark Nights
B17 Gamby Down
C1 Gamby’ Dream
C2 Silver Of Tongue
C3 Burrito Supremes
C4 Trespass
C5 Gamby Theme 80’s
C6 I’m Back
C7 Stalking Belinda
C8 Security
C9 Tub
C10 Traps
C11 Robin’s House
C12 Snodgrass Flashback
C13 Knife Trick
C14 Vintage Porsche
C15 Batucada
C17 History Is Written
D1 Horns A Plenty
D2 Clockwork
D3 Max Headroom
D4 Magic
D5 The Trunk
D6 Light Night TV
D7 Curios
D8 Pre Fight
D9 The Fight
D10 The Dress
D11 Crazy Abbott
D12 A Special Place
D13 Punji Stakes
D14 Gamby Promise
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  • 180 gram North Jackson Warriors Blue and White colored vinyl (Season 1)
  • 180 Gram North Jackson Tigers Orange and White colored vinyl (Season 2)
  • Artwork by Robert Sammelin
  • Exclusive Liner Notes by Danny McBride and Joseph Stephens
  • King Ding-A-Ling Insert
  • Album Cover Art Insert
  • Temporary Tattoo
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