Princess Mononoke – Original Soundtrack – 2XLP

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Composer: Joe Hisaishi Label: Studio Ghibli Records Catalog number: TJJA-10025 Origin: Japan Released: 2020
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Following the popular LP releases of “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind,” “Castle in the Sky”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, and “Porco Rosso”, “Princess Mononoke” is finally coming out on LP.


A1 アシタカせっ記 (The Legend of Ashitaka) 1:39
A2 タタリ神 (The Demon God) 3:49
A3 旅立ち-西へ- (Departure -To the West-) 2:32
A4 呪われた力 (Demon Power) 0:34
A5 穢土 (The Land of the Impure) 2:59
A6 出会い (The Encounter) 0:50
A7 コダマ達 (Kodamas) 2:27
A8 神の森 (The Forest of the God) 0:38
A9 夕暮れのタタラ場 (Evening at the Fireworks) 0:39
A10 タタリ神Ⅱ-うばわれた山- (The Demon God II -The Lost Mountain-) 0:56
B1 エボシ御前 (Lady Eboshi) 2:48
B2 タタラ踏む女達-エボシ タタラうた- (The Tatara Woman Work Song) 1:27
B3 修羅 (The Furies) 1:28
B4 東から来た少年 (The Young Man from the East) 1:25
B5 レクイエム (Requiem) 2:21
B6 生きろ (Will to Live) 0:29
B7 シシ神の森の二人 (San and Ashitaka in the Forest of the Deer God) 1:39
B8 もののけ姫 インストゥルメンタルバージョン (Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Instrumental Version)) 2:08
B9 レクイエムⅡ (Requiem II) 2:12
C1 もののけ姫 ヴォーカル (Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Vocal)) 3:30
C2 戦いの太鼓 (Battle Drums) 2:45
C3 タタラ場前の闘い (Battle in Front of the Ironworks) 1:25
C4 呪われた力Ⅱ (Demon Power II) 2:29
C5 レクイエムⅢ (Requiem III) 0:53
C6 敗走 (Retreat) 1:30
C7 タタリ神Ⅲ (The Demon God III) 1:12
D1 死と生のアダージョ (Adagio of Life and Death) 2:08
D2 黄泉の世界 (The World of the Dead) 1:27
D3 黄泉の世界Ⅱ (The World of the Dead II) 1:32
D4 死と生のアダージョⅡ (Adagio of Life and Death II) 1:04
D5 アシタカとサン (Ashitaka and San) 3:09
D6 もののけ姫 ヴォーカル エンディング (Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Vocal Ending)) 1:23
D7 アシタカせっ記 エンディング (The Legend of Ashitaka (Ending)) 5:01
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  • Newly remastered sound
  • Housed in full color gatefold sleeve with Japanese Obi Strip + liner notes
  • Main theme “Princess Mononoke” (Vocal: Yoshikazu Mera) is also included
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