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Studio Ghibli’s “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” gets its first vinyl release, as part of the best-selling vinyl series featuring legendary composer Joe Hisaishi.

Featuring an insanely adorable and catchy theme song, the full soundtrack to Studio Ghibli’s 2008 anime film “Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea” composed by Joe Hisaishi is released on double vinyl, with laser etchings on the fourth side. As well as performances by the New Japan Philharmonic and the Kuriyukai Chorus, the eponymous song performed by Nozomi Ohashi is included.

Perfect for audiences of all ages, Ponyo centers on the friendship between five-year-old Sosuke and a magical goldfish named Ponyo, the young daughter of a sorcerer father and a sea-goddess mother. After a chance encounter, Ponyo yearns to become a human so she can be with Sosuke. As to be expected with Miyazaki, the film is awash in pure unbridled imagination and visual wonder – but it is the tender love, humor, and devotion exhibited by Ponyo and Sosuke that form the emotional heart of the film.


A1 深海牧場 (Shinkai Bokujyou) [Deep Sea Ranch] 4:18
A2 海のおかあさん (Umi no Okasan) [Mother of the Sea] 2:21
A3 出会い (Deai) [Encounter] 0:31
A4 浦の町 (Ura no Machi) [Ura Town] 2:36
A5 クミコちゃん (Kumiko-chan) [Kumiko] 2:07
A6 ポニョと宗介 (Ponyo to Sosuke) [Ponyo and Sosuke] 2:17
A7 からっぽのバケツ (Karappo no Baketsu) [Empty Bucket] 1:31
A8 発光信号 (Hakkou Shingou) [Flash Signal] 2:37
A9 人間になる!(Ningen ni naru!) [I Become Human!] 1:30
A10 フジモト (Fujimoto) 1:34
B1 いもうと達 (Imouto-tachi) [Little Sisters] 1:32
B2 ポニョの飛行 (Ponyo no Hikou) [Flight of Ponyo] 1:43
B3 嵐のひまわりの家 (Arashi no Himawari no Ie) [The Sunflower House in the Storm] 2:20
B4 波の魚のポニョ (Nami no Sakana no Ponyo) [Ponyo of the Fish of the Wave] 3:36
B5 ポニョと宗介Ⅱ (Ponyo to Sosuke 2) [Ponyo and Sosuke 2] 2:01
B6 リサの家 (Lisa no Ie) [Lisa’s House] 3:20
B7 新しい家族 (Atarashii Kazoku) [New Family] 1:09
B8 ポニョの子守唄 (Ponyo no Komori-uta) [Ponyo’s Lullaby] 1:30
B9 リサの決意 (Risa no Ketsui) [Lisa’s Determination] 1:33
B10 グランマンマーレ (Granmanmale) 2:14
B11 流れ星の夜 (Nagareboshi no Yoru) [Night of the Meteor] 2:40
C1 ポンポン船 (Pompom-sen) [Hot-bulb Engine Ship] 1:55
C2 ディプノリンクスの海へ (Dipnorhynchus no Umi e) [To the sea of Dipnorhynchus] 1:42
C3 船団マーチ (Sendan March) [Fleet March] 2:26
C4 赤ちゃんとポニョ (Aka-chan to Ponyo) [Baby and Ponyo] 0:33
C5 船団マーチⅡ (Sendan March 2) [Fleet March 2] 1:14
C6 宗介の航海 (Sosuke no Koukai) [Voyage of Sosuke] 2:08
C7 宗介のなみだ (Sosuke no Namida) [Tears of Sosuke] 1:02
C8 水中の町 (Suicyuu no Machi) [Underwater Town] 2:02
C9 母の愛 (Haha no Ai) [Mother’s Love] 0:49
C10 トンネル (Tunnel) 1:26
C11 トキさん (Toki-san) [Toki] 0:48
C12 いもうと達の活躍 (Imouto-tachi no Katsuyaku) [Little Sisters’ Activities] 1:40
C13 母と海の讃歌 (Haha to Umi no Sanka) [Song of Praise for Mother and the Sea] 2:15
C14 フィナーレ (Finale) 0:44
C15 崖の上のポニョ(映画バージョン)(Gake no ue no Ponyo) (film version) [Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (film version)] 1:36
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  • Remastered and released in a deluxe edition with new jacket artworks and liner notes
  • First time released on vinyl
  • Included Japanese Obi Strip
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