The Tale of the Princess Kaguya – Original Soundtrack – 2XLP

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Studio Ghibli’s “The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya” gets its first vinyl release, as part of the best-selling vinyl series featuring legendary composer Joe Hisaishi.

Including the beautiful theme ‘When I Remember This Life’ sung by Kazumi Nikaido, this is the complete soundtrack to Studio Ghibli’s 2013 anime “The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya”, composed by the studio’s long-time musical collaborator Joe Hisaishi. This is the first and the last collaborative work by director Isao Takahata and composer Joe Hisaishi. Presented on double vinyl, with laser etchings on Side D.


A1 はじまり 0:54
A2 光り 0:22
A3 小さき姫 1:15
A4 生きる喜び 1:01
A5 芽生え 2:20
A6 タケノコ 2:06
A7 生命 1:00
A8 山里 1:54
A9 0:34
A10 旅立ち 1:20
A11 秋の実り 0:39
A12 なよたけ 1:23
A13 手習い 0:48
A14 生命の庭 0:25
A15 1:23
A16 絶望 1:07
A17 春のめぐり 1:03
A18 美しき琴の調べ 0:35
B1 春のワルツ 2:02
B2 里への想い 1:36
B3 高貴なお方の狂騒曲 1:29
B4 真心 1:29
B5 蜩の夜 1:12
B6 月の不思議 0:49
B7 悲しみ 1:01
B8 運命 1:18
B9 月の都 0:29
B10 帰郷 1:20
B11 飛翔 4:26
C1 天人の音楽 I 2:29
C2 別離 1:07
C3 天人の音楽 II 0:58
C4 1:49
C5 いのちの記憶 5:52
C6 琴の調べ 0:57
C7 わらべ唄 0:49
C8 天女の歌 1:34
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  • 87th Academy Award® Nominee for Best Animated Feature
  • Remastered and released in a deluxe edition with new jacket artworks and liner notes
  • First time released on vinyl
  • Included Japanese Obi Strip
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